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    Hey guys, My friend told me about this game and I'm really hooked on the concept and the execution I've seen so far. I'm just wondering if the beta on itch.io includes the game when it releases. The website doesn't say much, but the kickstarter has the $30 which includes it. I'm probably going to buy the beta anyways, but I just wanted to clarify. Keep up the good work! #Edit nvm, the forum post says you do.
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    Greetings Space Adventurers! Here goes the Beta 8.0! Selected parts: Battleship cells are now associated with a specific system, focusing on one augments the chances to provoke a critical effect on the associated system, You can now have multiple heroes supporting the same system, And, as usual, some other features and bugfix! As usual, we really appreciate your feedback (and/or bug reports...), so please, if you have additional thoughts or observations, don't hesitate to share them. The Crying Suns development team. Changes Gameplay MAJOR : Battleship cells are now associated with a specific system, focusing on one augments the chances to provoke a critical effect on the associated system MAJOR : Depending on your upgrades or your starting battleship, you can now have multiple heroes supporting the same system MAJOR : It's now possible to choose a specific target for squadrons when multiple targets are available. We also added a visual cue to identify the current short range target. The fight tutorial has been slightly improved by adding color to the most important information Lots of balancing adjustments. Events should be a bit more rewarding (on average) and difficulty for sector 1 should be a bit easier at the start; Story and events MAJOR : More than 80 new random events added in the game! MAJOR : You can now encounter some special events about the local faction ruling those sectors. They could increase the threat levels in the sector MAJOR : Multiple big improvements to the dialogs display When going back to a list of choices, the narrator now displays an alternative dialogue to present those choices New icons to identify back, exit and lore choices "New" information displayed when a new choice has been added to the list The holographic effect applied to the dialogue windows has been improved The back of the central dialogue window now displays the narrator faction logo The narrator name in the central dialogue window should now be easier to read The lore choices can now be read again New npcs pictures have been added, some old ones have been changed or updated Encountered random npcs now have their own randomized name and titles, coherent with their faction of origin Some events can now yield battleship upgrades Lot of adjustments and corrections on events, thanks to your feedbacks ! Graphic and sounds MAJOR : All animated characters on screen now have a "talk" animation when they talk The "Folder" now appears behind the final boss of chapter 1 Changed the Heroes capabilities icons New idle variation for Admiral Idaho, shown "thinking" from time to time BugFix Major EVENTS : Some events were causing damages to the player’s hull and causing the player to reach 0 and game over. Should not happen anymore SOUND : The "mute all" toggle was not muting sound effects, only music FIGHT : A fight pattern with the enemy starting with 5 kamikaze drones was appearing too soon in the game FIGHT : Enemy AI was not properly using weapons with persistent damage effects BUGREPORT : After multiple reports were sent, the bug report tool stopped working BugFix Minor An auxiliary system supposed to protect the last hull bar was not doing its job. Sometimes the player couldn't unpause the game by pressing "spacebar" after using the time controllers buttons Some events were still displaying the wrong enemy battleship A number was appearing on the undeployed heroes, it was a debug information with no gameplay meaning The pre-run heroes selection was not displaying the heroes skill tooltip Heroes “hover over” information during events were accessible, but it shouldn't have The flak canon icon was blurry When clicking to select a squadron to deploy, it was also clicking on the cell beneath it Multiple unwanted behaviors happening when the units are repelled due to a hull part exploding have been fixed The choices conditions were sometime overlapping with the dialogue window Some old information about "focus points" were still appearing on the critical hover display The Officers dialogue bubble was sometime appearing behind some heroes
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    @Bryan, thanks for your feedback. The game is created to be hard, but for now, the beta version isn't fully balanced. With your explanations, I think I understand the problem: just as FTL, you can't go back (=go left) on the map, or you will encounter a "threatening fleet" which follows you, and is way stronger than usual enemies. You have to choose wisely which path you are going to take to the exit, because you can't visit each and every systems on the map (otherwise, systems will become orange, then red = big big danger). Balancing is one of our priority, and we are working on it. We will send a survey with the next Beta version, which will normally be released this week. This survey will help us to understand how players perceive the difficulty in Crying Suns. @Specta Hope your test goes well ^^
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    Hello @Specta, The version of the demo is the same version as the current beta version BUT there is a slight difference: beta players have access to the entire Chapter 1 (4 sectors). Demo players have only access to the 1rst sector (= 1/4 of the 1rst chapter). We are working on the release of a new beta version, which should be sent this week. Have I answered your question?